Meghmani Organics Limited – Long Term Player

Meghmani Organics Limited

Gujarat, India to manufacture pigments. High productivity and profitability transformed Gujarat Industries to a joint stock company, under the name of Meghmani Organics Limited, by 1995. Since then Meghmani Organics Limited has diversified its business interests to include a range of pesticides and other pigment products as well.

Today, Meghmani Organics Limited is a leading manufacturer of pigment and pesticide products in the country and is the recipient of several prestigious awards in recognition of its outstanding business performance.

Sound fundamentals, outstanding export performance, strong presence in the domestic market and a focused management team has seen Meghmani Organics Limited grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17% and profits 10% over the past 3 years

The Rs 6000 million Rupees Meghmani Organics Limited is:

  • One of the largest producers of pigment blue in the world
  • One of the leading producers of pigment green
  • One of the largest producers of pesticides in India

More than 80% of Meghmani Organics Limited pigment products and over 50% of Meghmani Organics Limited pesticides products are exported the world over. Meghmani Organics Limited have four multifunctional production facilities in Gujarat (India) of which three are ISO 9001-2000. Meghmani Organics Limited production facilities are strategically located with high accessibility and close proximity to source of raw material.

Recommended Price:25.00

Current Price

Book Value:  22.25

Stock P/E: 33.33

Face value: 1

52 Week High/Low:  27.40 / 14.00

Listing: NSE/BSE

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