Sr. No Recommendation Date Stock Name Entry Price Current Price Exit Price Gain/Loss Holding Period Comments
123-08-2017Intellect Design Arena Ltd111HOLD-100%12-15 Month
201-09-2017IDFC Bank Ltd56.5HOLD-100%12-15 Month
306-09-2017BGR Energy Systems Ltd138HOLD-100%12-15 Month
408-09-2017Tokyo Plast International Ltd130HOLD-100%12-15 Month
509-09-2017Pudumjee Paper Products Ltd29.5HOLD-100%12-15 Month
610-09-2017HBL Power Systems Limited48.5HOLD-100%12-15 Month
721-09-2017Aditya Birla Capital Ltd192HOLD-100%12-15 Month
825-09-2017Aries Agro Ltd145HOLD-100%12-15 Month
910-10-2017Orient Bell Limited335HOLD-100%12-15 Month
Note : Prefer to buy in parts or wait for dip. Hope in the month of NOVEMBER - JANUARY will get chance to add at lower.
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