HBL POWER – Investment Idea

Recommend to Buy HBL POWER  Near 48.5 Target 55+ Long Term Investment Idea.

HBL power will benefit from GOVT vision for electric cars.

(FROM 2015/2016 annual report) Electric mobility: HBL power has developed energy efficient Brush Less DC Motors used in electric rickshaw (three-wheelers) which is ready for field trial. Our batteries are already under trial in electric three-wheelers.

HBL power plan to launch these products in the market during the current financial year. HBL has developed a 1.2KW Brush-Less DC motor and battery, for use in electric rickshaw (3- Wheelers). There are no established Indian manufacturers. The motor and battery are approved by ICAT. The market potential for these products is significant. This design can also be extended for heavier vehicles

The National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 envisages large scale deployment of electric 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, cars and buses. Under the scheme, about 6 -7 million vehicles (full range) are expected to be rolled out by the year 2020. HBL is planning to invest R&D efforts in development of drive train solutions for this promising electric mobility

(Source : HBL Power 2015/2016 annual report)

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