Vidhi dyestuffs : multibagger in making

Vidhi Dyestuffs Mfg. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Superior Synthetic and Natural Food Grade Colors. Providing customer world class color solutions in applications of Food & Beverage, Confectionary, Pharmaceuticals, Feeds, Cosmetics, Inkjet Inks and Salt Free Color. Our colors are being distributed and consumed in over 80 countries across 6 continents. Our manufacturing facilities are spread over an area of 176,000 square feet, located in Dhatav Village of Raigad District in the state of Maharashtra – India. Today VDML is an ISO 9001:2000, ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP certified company. Our Manufacturing facilities have been audited and found satisfactory by the U.S. FDA. All our products carry HALAL and Kosher certification.

Key cliental
All Food Processors around world

Rational behind investment 

The company has already recorded growth of 20% plus in last 5 years 
Vidhi dyestuffs paying regular dividend since last 5 years.
Vidhi Dyestuffs’ press release talks of an ambitious “Vision for 2020”. These are:
1. To be a global player of repute on the lines of Sentient, US.
2. To focus on 3Cs – Capacities, Capabilities and Customers. To be 20% of global capacities.
3.  To broad base categories and deepen presence in Colors.
4. To increase margins by moving into value add segments; target EBITDA margins of 20%.
5. To be cognizant of all stakeholders and be counted as amongst the most transparent, shareholder friendly company.

It is also stated: “We believe that the building blocks are now in place for us to leapfrog our current base. Our business is modeled on the lines of Global leader Sentient of US. We are at the cusp of explosive growth, with continued and significant increase in capacities, capabilities and customers. Our endeavor is to ensure shareholder reward, remain paramount, and towards that we are pleased to announce the first interim dividend of 20%. We will strive to sustain and improve on the same in coming periods“.

Looking at the management performance since last 5 years we are confident vidhi dyestuffs will achieve its vision of 2020. We recommend buy at cmp 65 for upside of 50% by end of 2017 and 2x by end of 2018. 

Specialty chemical is currently in flavor and thus we are looking a huge upside in counter. 

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